What is O2 Wifi?

It's a wifi hotspot network that lets anyone – even non-O2 customers – use wifi for free.
We're partnering with businesses like coffee shops, department stores, supermarkets and restaurants. We're helping them lay on a free wifi service for customers. But we're also helping them find out more about those customers and reach them better with more effective marketing.

Is Wifi safe?

We take preventative measures to bolster security across our network such as running the latest security software patches, and proactively monitoring our service against risks.

In addition to the security measures in place, we protect users through content filtering. From the moment our public wifi service was switched on in 2011, we've fully content-filtered our service at all venues. We were the first in the industry to do this.

When using public wifi, we recommend that you always verify online certificates and only input personal details on secure websites. We also display a welcome page in each of our venues which identifies users by name, so you can be confident that you are connecting to a fully monitored and secure service.

Where's O2 Wifi already available?

You can use our hotspot finder to see where the nearest one is.

Why should I choose O2 Wifi?

O2 Wifi is quick, simple, public wifi. For you and for your customers.
It's free to use. And customers don't have to be with O2 to get on it. Which will encourage more people to come into your business and spend time there.
With our mobile background, we can use wifi to give you insights into your customers and how they use the internet. And how you can target your marketing more effectively.
Our technology's state of the art, and we'll always be around if you need anything fixing. So you don't have to worry about connection problems. Just simple, free wifi for your customers.

What makes O2 Wifi different?

Quick, free wifi for your customers. Detailed feedback on how your customers use wifi. Fresh insight to help you plan your marketing. O2 Wifi gives you all these things. Plus, customers don't even have to be with O2 to get on it. That opens a world full of possibilities for you and your business.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the kind of package you go for and how much we tailor it to your business. Give us a call to see how you can make O2 Wifi work for your business.

What different packages can I pick from?

We have two standard packages you can choose from – Managed and Premium. If you want wifi made just for you, we can look at the different bolt ons we can include.

What kind of help does my business get?

You get a choice of service level agreements (SLAs). Read more about them.

What's the difference between Managed service and Premium service?

If you're an independent business who wants to give quick, simple wifi to their customers, the Managed service is for you. You'll also get information on how your customers use your wifi.
With our Premium service, you get more support and more detailed information on how your customers use your wifi. You'll also have the chance to feature your brand, campaigns and promotions on the Welcome page.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

We work with all kinds of businesses. From small independent retailers to large, multinational organisations. But no matter how big or small you are, you'll get fast wifi for your customers with all the help you need. And, if you want it, extra info to help you understand your customers.

How long does it take to get going?

Once you've signed the contract, we can get you started within 30 days.

Is there a download limit?

Yes. We have a fair usage policy that caps your download limit at 10GB.

How do I make my business an O2 Wifi hotspot?

Drop us a message and fill out this form.
We'll want to know a bit about your business. Like what kind of business it is, how many users you're likely to have at any one time and how many locations you have.