Why O2 Wifi?

O2 Wifi is a new state-of-the-art hotspot network.
Today more and more people want fast, safe and reliable internet access when they’re on the move. Whether it’s on their mobile, tablet or laptop.
We work with all types of businesses to give their customers free wifi. From small independent retailers with one site, to large multinationals with hundreds across the UK.

Why should you join us?

We’ll help you understand your customers. We can tell a lot about your customers from their wifi usage whilst visiting you. We’ll use this data to help you get closer to your customers, and build campaigns and promotions that really speak to them.

We’ll help you build your brand. We’re experts at helping businesses promote their products and services in clever new ways. For example, we can use the Welcome page to make sure your customers see your brand, campaigns and promotions every time they sign in.

We’re the number one network for smartphones. We were the first to bring BlackBerrys and iPhones to the UK. And we still have the most iPhone customers in the UK. No other network understands how people use the internet on their mobiles like we do.