Free wifi for everyone

Keep your customers coming back. Give them free wifi.
No usernames or passwords to connect.
They don’t even need to be on O2.

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Guest wifi

Fast, reliable and free

Every customer that walks through your door will get superfast wifi that’s free to use (they don’t even need to be O2 customers).

Wifi analytics

Powerful insights at your fingertips

Our custom-built wifi analytics platform, Insights, gives you with real-time consumer statistics including visitor numbers, demographics, top performing venues and so much more to help you build targeted and effective campaigns. Sit back and watch your customer relationships and brand loyalty grow.


Right message. Right time.

O2 Wifi will give you the ability to capture the data you need to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. And, with your brand in the palm of peoples’ hands, your brand recognition and customer base will continue to grow.

A word from our partners

What our partners say about us drives our passion for providing state-of-the-art wifi to businesses across the UK.

Doug Baker
IT consultant, McDonald’s

wifi from O2 fits perfectly with the McDonald’s customer experience; it meets our expectation in every restaurant. It’s quick and easy for customers to connect, no matter what device they might be using.

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We have rolled out our free O2 Wifi service to over 120 restaurants including Cafe Rouge and selected Strada and Bella Italia Restaurants. Customers can use the service for free - it doesn’t matter which broadband company or mobile network they’re with. Even better, if they have an O2 mobile phone they can use Priority Moments to get a great deal on their meal.

Enrique Fernandez-Pine
Group IT & Strategy Director, Go-Ahead Group (owners of GTR)

O2 Wifi has helped us deliver our promise. Our customers appreciate having easy access to wifi and to train information as they wait. wifi facilitates their access to our apps and to our social media channels, which we believe are reducing calls into customer service.