The best guest wifi experience for your customers

It’s just a quick registration at the beginning and that’s it. They’ll never have to worry about log-in details. After their phone’s connected to O2 Wifi once, it’ll hop on next time automatically. So whenever they’re in range of a hotspot (any of the 15,000 across the UK), they’ll be saving their data without even knowing it.

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Guest wifi features

Fast, reliable and free

Your customers won’t pay a penny for using O2 Wifi so they are more likely to connect and stay connected each and every time they visit.

Safety first

We run the latest security patches and are constantly monitoring our service against risks. Our content filtering safeguards your customers from accessing inappropriate material. We’re proud that we were the first in the industry to do this.


We’ve built our own network using the latest technology so it’s the fastest, most resilient public wifi on the market.


We know that consumers engage more with brands when the marketing speaks directly to them. Use your welcome page to display campaigns and offers that your customers will love.

Leave it to us

It’s good news for you too. We manage every part of your O2 Wifi service for you. So you’ll get all the credit without having to lift a finger. And what’s more, with powerful tools at your fingertips you are fully in control of what your customers see, experience and remember about your brand and products. It’s time to get them excited about you.

Branding and promotions

Promote your business and other unique offers to your customers

Keep your brand and the forefront of your customer’s minds. Whilst they enjoy free-to-use wifi take the opportunity to showcase your offers, promotions and campaigns so they get the best experience out of each and every visit.

Customer data

Complete information about your customers

Knowing who your customers are is certainly vital commercial knowledge, but having them opt-in to receive your marketing is even more important. Let O2 Wifi help you to build your customer marketing database by offering them a free service they’ll love to use.