O2 Wifi is a new state-of-the-art hotspot network

Today people want fast, safe and reliable internet access when they’re on the move. Whether it’s on their mobile, tablet or laptop. We work with all types of businesses to give their customers free wifi. From small independent retailers with one site, to large multinationals with hundreds of venues across the UK.

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We know exactly what makes a great wifi service

We know about wifi. We’ve been doing it since 2003 and we’ve used our experience to make sure our wifi is a pleasure to use.

We’ve built our own network using the latest technology so it’s the fastest, most resilient public wifi on the market. We know how to treat customers. Ours and yours. We work with hundreds of businesses, and we have millions of customers. So we know how to build long-term relationships and make a lasting impression. Everyone’s welcome. Our service is open to all your customers. Even if they’re not on O2.

Your customers don’t pay a penny so they’re more likely to use it.

Safe & secure wifi

Security is non-negotiable

We take preventative measures to bolster security across our network and we run the latest security patches and are constantly monitoring our service against risks. From the moment our public wifi service was switched on in 2011, we've content-filtered our service at all our hotspots to block access to illegal, extreme and adult material. We’re proud that we were the first in the industry to do this so your customers can surf the net in a safe, informative and confident manner.